Florence E. Barlow

Florence E. Barlow monogram

Florence E. Barlow was one of the family that between them produced some of the finest decorative works ever produced by Doultons. Her brother Arthur joined Doulton shortly after the decorative side was established by George Tinworth.

Doulton salad bowl by Florence E. Barlow

Salad bowl and servers by Florence Barlow

Arthur was followed by Hannah, possibly the greatest of them all, Florence and Lucy. Hannah’s forte was sgraffito studies of animals in their natural surroundings, but after a few years at Doultons, Florence specialised in bird studies.

Florence joined Doulton in 1873 and stayed for 36 years till 1909. The works we show are an early (1879) salad bowl without animals and a later (between 1891 & 1902) vase with her characteristic pâte-sur-pâte bird studies. Like her sister, Hannah, Florence’s output was prodigious, varied and meticulous.